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Schmidt Ink, inc is For Sale

Schmidt Ink has been developing training material on SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and Information Design Tool for almost twenty years. During this time, we have published at least 13 books. We also have very high visibility on all search engines.

Please contact Robert Schmidt at for more information or to express interest in purchasing the company.

We focus on Business Intelligence

Web Intelligence, Universe Design, and Data Warehouses.

Our trainers and consultants have years of experience helping clients to obtain the highest quality in usable and maintainable business intelligence.

Schmidt Ink, inc. History

We started in the financial district in New York City in 1993. We had a different name then, Schmidt Interactive Software. At this time, we created financial systems and trading models. The financial district is very competitive and only the companies that provide the highest quality systems survive.

We started using Business Objects when BusinessObjects 4.0 was released (The first time: around 1996). We created reports and universes to support clients in many different industries on the Eastern United States. Much of our knowledge was inherited from our financial system development. At this time, there was very little documentation on Business Objects applications, so we spent much time exploring and inspecting the applications.

We wrote our first book on Business Objects with the title: Introduction to ReportScript. ReportScript was a scripting language very similar to VBA. This book was a natural for us, because we were already great at programing languages. This book launched us into the spotlight, and we continue to author books and training manuals to this day.

In order to write effective training and books, we need to be in the field developing solutions. This is why, we continue to consult and train, where we are continuously challenged to develop new techniques and styles.

Our Business

SAP Business Objects Training and Consulting is Schmidt Ink’s only Business.

For years Business Objects was our only business. However, if a company wants to stay competitive in Business Intelligence, then that company must also be efficient data warehouse designers and ETL developers.

We strive to provide the best training (online training and onsite training), consulting and books for Business Objects applications. Our Business Objects expertise has been trusted by our clients for over a decade. These clients include Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Alcoa, Mars, CareFusion, DirecTV, Dow Chemical Company, Biogen Idec, Hewlett Packard, Medtronic, and many other large companies.

We have trained 1,000’s of Business Objects professionals at companies across the U.S. and the world. Our classes are constantly upgraded and maintained to provide the best training available. We hope that you too will become competent Business Objects professionals through our training and publications. Please contact us at for more information.

Web Intelligence Server

We now have our Web Intelligence 4.0 server available for our e-Training students and readers. Now all of the examples in the course and book can be completed using our server. When you receive your account, you can use it as much as you want for one month, for the low cost of $100.

To receive an online account, please contact us at:

Business Objects User Groups

Web Intelligence Training

We have finished creating our Business Objects Web Intelligence training and it is the best training course that we have developed.

We’ve trained 100’s of classes in our training center, onsite at clients, and virtually. We’ve even developed online e-Training. With all of this training experience, we still struggled to create the best course available for Web Intelligence – until now.

We have developed the course so that the instructor can focus on teaching how the product works, and not how to transition from one topic to the next. The course contains hundreds of examples that illustrate a focused Web Intelligence technique. For example, when studying applying report filters, the students open a document that is pre-configured with the report structures and data. The student simply applies the filter, without trying to populate a document and create the report structures.

Populating the document with data and creating report structures are topics in the class, but when discussing report filters they are not. This allows the student to learn how to apply report filters and creates an environment where the topic can be fully explored.